Places to enjoy Scuba Diving in Dubai

Although Dubai has a long coast line, it has only started attracting Scuba – Divers recently. Diving can be enjoyed in the three distinct regions Arabian Gulf, Musandam and the East Coast. While the Arabian Gulf that stretches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have some interesting wreck dives that attract scuba divers. Scuba – Divers looking for Coral reefs are likely to get it in the East Coast and Musadan. Musadan is considered to be one of the best diving spots in the Gulf. If you love water then there are several other things you can consider including Fishing Trips.

Below are some places that are ideal and attractive for Scuba diving in Dubai:

Anchor Barge:

This is a ship wreck spot; the ship had sunk in 1998 to form an artificial wreck. The ship lies upside down, around 25 meters on the sandy floor. The ship rests on the cabin and deck equipment. There is a considerable open area that is formed between the deck and the sea bed and has resulted in a sea bed view that looks like a perfect sanctuary. It has a variety of sea life that can be found over there. Divers can also choose to traverse if they carry powerful torch. During the onset of summer, in the months of February & March, flatworms cover the rocky bottom and the sun. There is a fairly good chance of seeing hydrocorals, oysters, large – sized cuttle fish, scallops and black sea squirts over here.


It is one of the deepest diving places in the Dubai Coast, It was formerly known as Seasroun five, the ship used to sail under the Georgian flag. The history of Zainab says that on the 14th of April, 2001, it was purposely sunk by the ship crew so that the boarding of US Navy. A variety of aquatic animals that include large rays, barracudas, yellow snappers, batfish and small oysters can be found around the wrecked ship.

Sheikh Mohammed Barge (SMB)/ Derrick Barge (DB1):

This barge was also intentionally sunk to form an artificial reef. The numerous holes in the wreck call for experienced divers who can penetrate inside to explore the complete place. Barracudas and Jacks are found around the wreck, while angel fish and bat fishes are found below.

Hopper Barge:

Hopper was also sunk intentionally sunk by local fishermen, following the damage caused by a storm. It is an easy wreck to explore with fair chances of large batfish, colourful bennies and crowies seen.

Cement Barge:

The Cement Barge sank due to bad weather conditions. A variety of aquatic creatures that include lams, thorny oysters, scallops, sponges, sea squirts and barnacles to name a few. It is also an excellent place for training divers.
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