Water Activities  Iceland Water Park
Adult: AED 360 *
Child: AED 275 * Duration 8 Hours.
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Iceland Water Park

Water Ride that makes you Wild...

Iceland Water Park
Package Overview:

The thrill and excitement never ends at Iceland Waterpark in Ras Al Khaimah! With your convenient day pass from Deep Sea Adventure, spend a fun-filled and unforgettable day in this unique waterpark by letting loose at its many fabulous attractions. The largest of its kind in the Middle East, Iceland – opened in 2010 - is a part of the 120-acre WOW RAK comprising amusement parks, resort and shopping mall. This park is easily accessible by road from Dubai, which is just 80 kilometers away from here.

Suitable for all ages from little ones and teens to grown-ups, this waterpark is built around a unique theme based on the story of a group of penguins which lose their way as a result of global warming and eventually find their way to Jazeera Al Hamra to call Iceland as their home.

Iceland Waterpark - The Rides
Attractions, rides, and other facilities dotted across the park live up to this fictitious yet thought provoking theme. Unsurprisingly, you’ll come across thousands of plastic penguins depicting several different moods. What’s even more fascinating is the marvelous setting of the park, with the picturesque beauty of Hajar Mountains at its backdrop.

Iceland Water Park - Rides for All
While attractions including Penguin Falls, Mount Cyclone, Mount Iceberg, and Mount Tempest cater to guests seeking ultimate in thrill and adventure, there are rides suitable for kids, senior citizens, and handicapped people, such as Kids Cove, Polar Games, Eddy Pond, and Snow River.

Unique Waterpark Features
Perhaps the centerpiece attractions of the park are Olympic-sized swimming pool, namely, Penguin Pool, and Coral Reef, where you can enjoy snorkeling. One of the fascinating things about Coral Reef is that most of the reefs seen here is man-made. In order to ensure great experience and enable you to safely swim through reefs and explore the fish as well as colorful corals beneath the water, you’ll be provided all necessary snorkeling equipment.
Your entrance ticket to Iceland Waterpark also covers access to its facilities, including retail shops, cabanas, gazebos, prayer room, and dining choices that offer a selection of Asia, Continental and vegetarian cuisines.

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