Five Things to Do at Dubai Beach

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai are the beaches with the golden sunshine. Tourists in Dubai just love the beach. The warm sand and sunshine is just an amazing treat for a tourist in the UAE. You will never get boarded in a Dubai beach. You can simply take a troll watching the vast sea. Otherwise, there is so much to do.

The Small Coffee Shops:

You can try the amazing coffee being served at the small coffee shops. They won’t charge you a fortune through but the taste is nonetheless amazing. The smell of the coffee is aromatic as well. You can spend a lazy evening at such a coffee shop, talking and gossiping with your family members while enjoying the scenic beauty around.

Camel Ride:

You won’t find a single tourist who would come to visit Dubai but would not have the experience of a camel ride. This ride is going to be a once in a life time ride as most of the tourists are from geographies where they didn’t even get to see a camel, let alone the opportunities of a ride. These camels are beautifully decorated by their owners. Even if you do not know how to get on the back of the animal, the camel owner will take care in making you comfortably seated on its back. There is no need to panic if you get frightened by looking at the ground from that height. It’s completely safe when you are accompanied by the camel owner.

Photo Shoot:

Who doesn’t like to take pictures and get memories back home? We all do! Love to post pictures and show them to family back home and friends. The beach is a perfect place to take pictures. The scenic beauty is just an absolute pleasure to the eyes. One will get tired of capturing the beauty of the beaches but not bored. You can also try to take a few pictures in various poses dressed in the local attire of UAE. Trust me, you will enjoy it!


You could also hop around buying little mementoes for friends and family back home. You will find a variety of things that you can buy from small shops here. Dubai is renowned for the amazing shopping malls but you can also get entertained equally at the local shops where you can find an object of beauty at a very reasonable price. You will be amazed at the intricate details of the local handicraft.


It’s a great experience to play fun games with your family and friends at the Dubai Beach. Don’t forget to carry a Frisbee or a volley ball while visiting the Dubai beach. Also carry a god pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear and run around. You can choose to take around of Frisbee with your companions on the beach or play volley ball in the sea water. It’s fun all the way.

Your Dubai trip is going to be a fun-filled tour, and the times spent at the beach you give you memories of a life time.
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