Five Reasons to Visit the Wild Wadi Water Park

If you are planning an adventurous holiday, then the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai is the ideal location for you. It is a soothing water resort in the midst of the huge stretch of desert that Dubai is. Situated right in front of the well known Burj al Arab, it is the finest water park to be found outside of America. It has an array of about twenty-three water rides, each one better and more fun-filled and adventurous than the other.

The specialty of this water park that makes it most attractive to tourists and natives alike is the theme. All the rides are theme based and they follow a sequence which is in keeping with that theme. The Wild Wadi Water Park is based on the story of Juha, a famous folklore character. According to the tale, Juha sailed around the world on his ship till one day his ship overturned. This left him and his family stranded on an enchanted island which was full of free and fast flowing rivers and enthralling waterfalls. Juha’s children, Ali and Leila sewed palm leaves together to sail along these rivers and waterfalls. Soon, the other people joined them in this activity as well. The Wild Wadi Water Park derives its theme from this story. The star attraction of the park is its tall and fast water rides. The Wild Wadi Water Park boasts of some of the most sophisticated and fastest as well as tallest rides in the Middle-East. This park is spread over almost a sprawling area of 12 acres.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is the place to be to beat the sweltering heat. It is a cool retreat which is a welcome change in the summer season.

The rides and the ambience in the park provide an excellent opportunity for a fun-filled family outing or a relaxing day with friends for company. It is also suitable for corporate outings as well.

The array of water rides is consists of some of the best rides in the world. All of these rides are highly sophisticated in their designs and give you that perfect rush of adrenaline which gets your heart pumping.

The tropical landscape that has been incorporated in the park in keeping with the theme provides for an awesome visual treat. The rocky terrains and the created mountains and hills are a welcome change from the lack of vegetation in the deserts of Dubai.

The Wild Wadi Water Park, along with providing one of the best adventurous entertainments, hosts a number of offers for its visitors. One of the most lucrative deals includes Thursday being a “women only” day. Thus, if you are planning a trip to Dubai with your girl friends, then plan your trip accordingly.

At the Wild Wadi Water Park, you can rest assured about your safety as all activities take place under the watchful eyes of numerous lifeguards. So, when visiting the Wild Wadi Water Park, be sure not miss the Master Blasters, the Jumeira Sceirah, Breaker’s Bay, Flow Rider and Flood River!!

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