5 Popular Beaches of Dubai

Beaches are a great attraction in Dubai. There are plenty of them and are maintained very neatly so that the tourists feel comfortable and satisfied. There are a certain set of rules that need to be followed around the beach. But it definitely makes a spot of complete enjoyment. There are also eating spots on the sea shore. The visitors can also take rides that are organized by the people there.

Mamzer Beach:

Mamzer beach is beautiful and is a massive one. It has also been awarded as the blue flag beach off late and is now one of the most desirable beaches to visit. It basically has 5 beaches that are in the cove forms and attract a lot of tourists and residents. There are changing rooms as well as umbrellas. One can also find food stores and cafeterias on the beach. The lifeguard systems are also well equipped and take the responsibility of all its visitors.

Jumeirah Beach Park:

This beach is located in a very handy location that is on the Beach road. It has also been awarded the status of the blue flag beach recently. This beach is lined with a whole stretch of golden sand, grasses as well as palm trees. There are bath places and changing rooms as well as high security services. Many tourists love the beach for its nearness as well the spectacular beauty of the golden sand and the brilliant waters of the sea.

Russian Beach:

It is also known as the open beach and is located at the end of the beach road. There is a palm strip at the end of the beach. The beach can be visited free of cost and is open for everyone. One can also find a jogging track along the beach line. People prefer to jog or cycle or walk along the beach during weekends. There are also a couple of restaurants that can refresh the visitors according to requirements.

Kite Beach:

Surfers congregate here in this beach which is also known as the Wollongong beach. Before, people were allowed to go on a drive along this beach and enjoy the barbeque that was being made in the restaurants on the beach. This beach is exactly on the opposite of the Al Manara junction of roads. Many visitors get attracted to the beach for its location as well as the splendid scenery that one can find here.

Burj Beach:

This beach is located a little further The Kite beach. It is again a very long stretch that runs a long way and finally reaches the famous Burj Al Arab. There are facilities such as volley ball nets as well as football play areas. The visitors will be left entirely satisfied if they make a visit to the beach of Burj.
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