5 Interesting Facts of Dubai Marina

Dubai has been well-known in building amazing man-made marvels. Dubai Marina is yet another proof of the city’s deftness in making marvels out of absolutely nothing. It is a stunning man-made structure having a stretch of 3 kilometers parallel to the shorelines of Dubai. It basically represents a canal city that has been modeled to depict the concord pacific plane that has been developed along Vancouver which is Canada’s false creek. This structure has had a very positive impact on Dubai’s tourism industry as it has become a very well known tourist spot. Here we shall discuss 5 interesting points related to The Dubai Marina.

Al Sufouh Tramway:

This is a project that is supposed to kick off in 2014. This project will greatly comfort all the people of Dubai including the millions of tourists the city hosts. This is basically a tramway system which will greatly heighten the transport system of Dubai. It will consist of 11 trams which will be connecting Dubai metro with Palm monorail. The tramway will run down the Al Sufouh Road from Dubai Marina to the Mall of Emirates. All this in close vicinity of Dubai Marina.

Luxury Hotels & Residences:

The Dubai Marina is also known for its 5-star accommodation facilities. You can also enjoy the Dhow Cruise Dinner in Marina at our special Dubai Cruise. These luxurious hotels are located around the bank of the marina and are host to a large number of visitors from all over the world. Apart from hotels, stylish residence apartments are also located all around the Marina. All this beautifies its presence and gives it a special place in Dubai’s map.

Story of construction:

The construction of the Marina is a very interesting story in itself. A new waterfront had to be created from the waters of the Persian Gulf. The central waterway was excavated from nothing but a 3 kilometer long desert. While the construction was taking its course, any encroachments were refrained albeit an eight kilometers long public walkway was built.

The exhilarating skyscrapers:

The most electrifying experience is to view the Marina from the skyscrapers that have been built all around it. These tall man-made beauties form an amazing backdrop of the Marina. Each and every edifice seen here has a unique and amazing architectural style of its own.

The shopping wonders:

The most interesting part of The Dubai Marina is the presence of the Dubai Marina mall. It features a total of 150 shopping stores where you can find everything related to your lifestyle. Stylish brands and reel cinemas in multiplexes are an integral part of the mall and make it an even better option to spend time upon.

All said and done, The Dubai Marina is the best experience a tourist can receive and the amazing facts regarding its construction and location make it even so desirable.

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